Thursday, February 12, 2015

About Life

About Life
                  Life is a Hard thing. However, we have struggle in order to reach the goal. Everything will not come as easy . Run always to eat and life is a cycle which revolves in tough and easy manner both. Life is not always simple. We have to live in a harder situation. We have to make it easy by fulfilling our needs first. Life will become easy only if we have everything, means everything for an human and more than that.

"Make our minds free and face life in a courageous way" - is a only way to enjoy life.
                                                                                                                                         - me,vivekanandan, chennai.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

About yogasana exercises and meditation

Yogasana and postures
Today iam going to tell about yogasana postures.How many postures are there in yogasanas? answer: n numbers. For example: Padmasana,Yogamudra, Thaadasana, Aegapadasana, Chakrasana, uthkadasana, Thrikonasana, Thandasana, Vajrasana, Sugasana, Sithasana, Parvathasana, Mandugasana, Mahamuthra, Januseerasana, pachimothasana, UstrasanaVakrasanaTholaangulasana, Bukjangasana, Salabasana, ThanurasanaNavukasana, makarasana, Mathsyasana, Uthaana pathasana, Navasana, Sarvangasana, Halasana, Chakrasana2, Savasana, and pranayamas.
Advantages of yogasana:
1.Each and every asana has advantage individually. It heals the body and getting relief from more diseases.
2.Doing yogasana slowly get rids of unexpected diseases and keeps the body and mind good.
3. Doing yogasana controls the mind and keeps the discipline .
4.Yogasana cures more diseases and it is common for all types of problems.
5. It gives freshness to the body and mind and more than that .

Today you have learnt from the tips for yoga..
There are many types of meditation and the benefits of that are gives calmness and increases the logical thinking. Meditation is good for all types of sickness such as BP, Sugar, Heart attack, Concentration-lack, and other sorts of requirements.

Three postures of yoga and some sort of Gym exercises and walking and 10 minutes meditation will do for oneday full active life.

So, do this and keep your body tuned.....

All the best,

written by vivek....

Saturday, November 29, 2014

vivek: Be a positive Thinker ? How?

vivek: Be a positive Thinker ? How?: How to be a positive thinker? Answer: To be positive is not only thinking in a positive way but thinking good. Always thinking in a positi...

Be a positive Thinker ? How?

How to be a positive thinker?
Answer: To be positive is not only thinking in a positive way but thinking good. Always thinking in a positive side should have more strength and courage. To be positive is to be Good. As many saints say "Do good is part of the religion". Always think good and do good is the only way for becoming a positive person. As in Hindu religion Gita says " The one who does Good will not have sorrows"  is the only way to be positive. If you are positive slowly and do positive things slowly day by day your thinking will become right and it suits the environment.
"So always think in a right manner"